AnkiMobile's translations are divided into two parts:

  • The core module contains text common to both the computer version and AnkiMobile.
  • The mobile module contains text only used in AnkiMobile.

If you have not signed up to the translation site yet, please see Getting Started.

Please start with the core module, which is documented here. Once the core module is mostly translated in your language, you can then move on to the mobile module.

When translations are nearing completion, please reach out on the support site, as new languages need to be manually added to the build process.

Once a new language has been added, your translations will be visible in subsequent beta builds and app store releases. Please give the betas a try, so you can see how your translations appear in the app. If you're not already a beta tester, please request an invite on the support site.

When translating, please try to keep the translations about the same length as the original English text. If it is not possible, and you find that text is not appearing properly in a beta (such as two labels overlapping), please report the issue on the support site.

Thank you again for your help!