Getting Started

If you'd like to help translate Anki into your native language, your help would be most appreciated!

Translations can be done through our online translation interface. To make changes, you will need an account. Please post a private message on the support site with the following information, and we can get an account created for you:

  • The language or languages you'd like to translate.
  • Your email address. Please note that the email address you provide will be visible to people browsing GitHub.
  • The username you'd like to use (for example, 'bob5')
  • Please include the following text in your message: "I license any translations I contribute under the 3-clause BSD license."

After you've contributed some translations, if you'd like to be added to Anki's About screen, please send a message and we'll gladly add you (or you can submit a PR if you know how).